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The Top 5 landscaping myths debunked.

Mar 6

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Myth #1 - You need a green thumb to have a beautiful garden

Landscaping is about more than just sticking some plants in the ground and hoping for the best. Our landscaping team are experts in designing gardens that will suit your lifestyle, budget and space requirements - no green thumb required!

Landscaping incorporates creativity, and there are no rigid rules to follow. So whether you're looking for an elaborate design with plenty of features, or a simple and low-maintenance garden, we can help you create the perfect space that fits your needs.

We'll also provide advice on suitable plants for the climate in your area and the best maintenance practices to keep your garden looking great all year.

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Myth #2 - You need to spend a lot of money on landscaping

Landscaping has made a few shy away from it by the belief that it takes a lot of money to have a beautiful backyard. But in reality, you can create an amazing outdoor space with affordable materials and a good eye for design.

We carefully select cost-effective plants that require minimal upkeep, so you won’t break the bank while still getting great results. We also make sure to use only quality materials that will last long. Some of the cost-saving tips we use are;

- Opting for low-maintenance plants that require minimal upkeep

- Using locally sourced materials, as these are generally cheaper than buying from big stores

- Choosing items made from recycled or reused materials

- Dividing large plants into smaller ones to save money

- Reusing and repurposing old items that can be made into decorations

Myth #3 - You need to have a lot of space for a beautiful garden

Far from the common misconception that you need a lot of space to have a beautiful garden, even the most cramped outdoor areas can be transformed into something special. With careful planning and clever design techniques, any space can be used effectively to create an attractive haven. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your limited space;

- Create vertical gardens by planting on walls and fences

- Use hanging baskets to create interesting levels in your garden

- Utilize small areas of unused space with creative container gardening

- Explore the possibilities of incorporating trellises, arbours, and pergolas into your garden design

Myth #4 - You can't landscape in the winter

Landscaping has been viewed as a summer-only activity traditionally. However, winter is an excellent time to plan, prepare, and prepare your garden for the upcoming spring season. Use the cold months to evaluate what worked and what didn’t in the past year, make a list of projects for next year and start sourcing plants and materials.

By taking advantage of winter when the garden is dormant, you can get a head start on spring projects such as pruning, dividing perennials and overhauling your garden bed. You may also want to consider planting hardy shrubs and trees in the winter months when they are easier to plant and have had plenty of time to settle into their new home before summer hits.

Myth #5 - Landscaping is too hard and takes too much time

Landscaping has no one-size-fits-all approach, and what may be too hard or time-consuming for one person could be an enjoyable experience for another. The key to successful landscaping is breaking projects into manageable tasks and focusing on a small section at a time. This way, you can prioritize the areas of your garden that need immediate attention while still keeping up with routine tasks like weeding, mulching and trimming. Additionally, plenty of low-maintenance options require minimal upkeep – from rock gardens to succulent containers.

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Why choose us?

Don’t let myths about landscaping dissuade you from improving your home’s curb appeal or making your outdoor spaces more enjoyable. With a little research, you can easily separate fact from fiction when it comes to popular landscaping beliefs. Remember, too, that when in doubt, you can always call in the professionals. The team at Landscaping Wollongong is always happy to help homeowners create beautiful and functional landscapes – myth-free!


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