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3 signs your trees need professional trimming

Oct 18

To maintain healthy growth and beautify your property, it is essential to trim your trees regularly. However, some people find it challenging to know when to hire a professional tree removal phoenix. This article will highlight four warning signs and when to call a professional tree trimming service.

1. Organs that are deteriorating or dead

If not taken care of promptly, tree branches can become infected over time and may eventually die. You can see signs such as brittle branches and peeling or cracking bark. Thinning foliage and leaf discoloration are all indicators. Professional help is needed before the infection spreads. To determine the best solution, an arborist will inspect the tree. They can provide treatment if the tree has a mild disease. They will not trim branches if they are suffering from severe diseases or are already dead.

2. Broken Branches

Tree trimming is required if your tree has suffered from broken branches, heavy snowfall, strong winds or excess tree weight. Broken parts can cause wounds that pests and microorganisms could open. This will increase the likelihood of disease and decay. Broken branches can also fall and cause accidents. To avoid safety issues, it is essential to remove them promptly. Affordable landscaping phoenix, az inspect your trees, especially after major storms.

3. Misshapen Trees

Uncontrolled growth can cause trees to grow out of control, making your landscaping look messy. Some trees can become so dense that it reduces the space between lower branches and the sidewalk or pavement. It can block out your beautiful views and make it difficult for vehicles to pass the tree.


Additionally, trees may grow in an undesirable direction or towards your house or power lines, causing structural damage and electrical problems. A tree trimming service can shape your trees to take the shape you want. You should trim your trees often, as new growth is encouraged by trimming.

4. Overgrown branches

Tree branches can grow on your roof or power lines and pose a danger. These signs should be reported to a professional tree trimmer. These professionals will safely use the most advanced equipment and techniques to remove these branches.

If you see any of these signs, getting tree trimming services done immediately is essential. To ensure that your trees are healthy and well-maintained, you should work with a professional arborist.

5. Power lines within reach

Trees that are too close to power lines or on top of them should be trimmed. It is hazardous and should be checked and cut by professionals. This tree should be inspected regularly for safety.

6. Unusual growth pattern

While you may appreciate the distinctive growth pattern of the tree in your yard, it could be detrimental to the tree's health. Misshapen trees are those that grow incorrectly. Property damage could result from an uneven weight distribution among branches of trees with irregular forms. This could lead to branches breaking or splintering. Pruning encourages new growth, so you must ensure routine maintenance and pruning of malformed trees. They may grow faster than usual because of this.