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Advantages Of Fescue Sod Installation

Oct 10

Fescue sod installation allows you to completely transform your yard in the afternoon by adding color and texture to your space while increasing its value and curb appeal. Whether you need it installed between your driveway and home or around your backyard patio, fescue sod installation from Lynnwood Sod Farm will provide you with the most beautiful results possible without having to tear up your current landscape in the process. Contact us today to schedule an estimate!

Low-maintenance and drought resistant

Fescue sod is low-maintenance and drought resistant. The grass is hardy and will survive in a variety of climates, including hot or humid areas. Fescue sod also needs less water than other types of grass to thrive. Sod installers in Lynnwood can help you with your fescue sod installation today.

Minimal watering

The Lynnwood Sod Company offers a variety of grasses and textures to choose from. One way to reduce water consumption is by choosing low-maintenance options like fescue, rye, or Kentucky bluegrass. Fescue sod is known for its dense and deep root system, which helps prevent drought. It also can produce three times more biomass than other turf varieties when properly fertilized. 

Fescue sod also can withstand heavy traffic because it grows thick leaves that can tolerate foot traffic and even vehicles. In addition, it doesn't require as much mowing as other types of lawns. 

This type of grass does not have any major pests or diseases, so no need for pesticides!

Affordable cost

The advantages of installing fescue sod on your lawn are vast. It is a much more affordable option than installing turf grass, for one. Fescues grow well in the Pacific Northwest, and because they are not as demanding as other types of grasses, you can also use them in areas with less water. If you're looking for more information about how to install sod or what type to buy, contact Sod Installation Lynnwood today! We have years of experience with different projects, and we will make sure you get the best advice for your home. Whether you need a new landscape design, sod installation, garden cleanup, or anything else related to landscaping services, our professionals are here to help! 

A fescue lawn provides an affordable way to get green without draining your bank account too fast.

Fescue can be used in different environments

Fescue can be used in a variety of environments, as it does well in hot and dry climates, as well as cold and wet climates. It's also resistant to drought, so it won't lose its color or quality when there is an extended time without rain. 

Lynnwood Sod has been installing fescue turf for over 40 years and has the experience and expertise to install your lawn. 

Please contact Lynnwood Sod today for more information about how we can install your new lawn!

Durable, resilient turfgrass

Fescue turfgrass is a durable, resilient turfgrass that can survive in a variety of climates and conditions. Fescue has deep roots which help it withstand drought conditions and flooding. Along with its deep roots, Fescue's rhizomes help it spread and grow quickly to form a dense turf. This gives the lawn an even appearance without bald spots or thinning grass blades. It also doesn't require much water and fertilizer to maintain. The height of fescue turf ranges from 6-18 inches, depending on the environment it's grown in.

Different varieties are available

Two types of turf are commonly installed in the United States: Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so consider your climate, soil type, time available to maintain the lawn, and what you're willing to spend before making a decision. A common misconception is that one type is better than the other; this simply isn't true. Both will provide you with an attractive, green lawn when well-maintained, but each will have different qualities such as color (bluegrass), density (ryegrass), resistance to disease and drought (ryegrass), etc.

Commonly used on golf courses

Fescue is a common grass found on golf courses. Fescue is known for its durability and resilience in harsh climates, as well as its ability to grow quickly. Golf course managers use this type of grass because it requires less water and fertilizer than other types of grass. Fescue also tends to be hardier than other types of grass, including Bermuda, which means it will survive during periods of drought. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option that is hardy and durable, then fescue may be the best choice.