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Copen Grand EC ensures residents to live in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly future possible

Oct 2

Copen Grand EC is a new development developed in collaboration with CDL and MCL Land located in District 24 that is located within the recently created Tengah Town District. Copen Grand is situated on a 22.020 sq m site which encompasses a net floor area of 61.659 acres. The site is divided into 12 blocks, each comprising at least fourteen levels. It will provide the best connectivity to the transportation system. The style of the project is acknowledged as evidenced by BCA Green Mark Platinum certification and also the Energy Efficiency Rating, which are minimal.

The latest addition of the housing properties in Tengah is the brand-new Copen Grand Executive Condominium. Copen Grand EC is expected to be a lavish home with 615 homes set on two and quarter acres. Taurus Properties (SG) is the developer and the developer is affiliated by City Developments Limited and a joint venture partnership with MCL Land. Tengah Garden Walk EC is situated near three MRT stations and The Pan Island Expressway as well as the town center that will be car-free in the near future.

The natural surroundings formed the inspiration the concept of EC of Tengah Garden Walk. An unifying landscape is a blend of the natural and the urban realms. This town represents a singular combination of the urban state and the idea for the metropolitan urban forest. It's a lively community-driven green urbanization constructed on top of urban areas. It's designed to be more environmentally friendly in comparison to the other projects. It's certainly worth a look when you're planning to purchase a new house within Singapore! Copen Grand videos are available on this page for more details about the building process.

Copen Grand EC It is an modern and advanced city in Singapore which blends the natural surroundings with lush greenery, and the latest technological advancements. It is situated within just three quarters of an area in Punggol and offers the perfect area for living and working within city's Western Region.

The construction site is spread over a total area of 22,020 square meters , in plus the ground space which is 61.659 sq m. The development has the housing units of 620 that are located in 12 blocks and the highest elevation is 14 floors. Tengah Garden District, one of the five districts within Tengah Estate. This is an area in which there 3 MRT stations that are easily reached by foot. It's also an urban zone that's created to be completely car-free.

Copen Grand EC development of the township will have a range of green features, such as low-rise buildings and smart condos. Innovative design and sustainability, as well as technological advancements are vital for the development. The project will tackle the issue of pollution in the air as well as the absence of green spaces in Singapore. The development will give residents easy access to the CBD and other areas.

Copen Grand EC is located close to the center of sports and medical facilities within Singapore's expanding populace. This brand-new and thrilling development is only two minutes away, thanks to its central location near as well as Tengah, Singapore's MRT station Tengah that is developing. It's additionally connected to the entire city via public transportation and also has other modern conveniences. Copen Grand EC is the perfect choice for people seeking the ideal new home within Singapore. The property is located only a few minutes of Singapore's MRT Station. EC is huge and is located in the ideal location and has amenities like auditoriums and the Chinese language school as well as a variety of other facilities.

The town's masterplan which is situated near Copen Grand EC will feature extensive infrastructure and will also be a bustling social area. The town's center is linked to three MRT stations that are situated along the Jurong Region Line and the town will have a wide range of restaurants and shops. Copen Grand EC will include an urban center that will have a area to hold gatherings for community groups as well as a sporting facility. It will also house the latest HDB neighborhood centers which have been specifically designed to meet the demands of the local residents.

Tengah Forest Town will be constructed close to The Bukit Timah Natural Reserve as well as other areas of forest. The idea that is the primary goal of Copen Grand EC is derived from nature. The area that surrounds the development is awash with vegetation. There is a wide variety of pollinators, such as insects and plants, that will be attracted to the area. Water sources from different sources aid in the purification of the air.