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When Can You Lay Sod in Florida?

Apr 19

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The right time to lay sod in the "Sunshine State," Florida.

Florida is one of the most lived states in the country. Thanks to its beautiful beach resorts, recreational parks, cozy warm, and sunny weather. Many people love the advantage of living in the "Sunshine State" because you can enjoy having a healthy, green, and lush yard with different mesmerizing kinds of flowers.

For those people who love the attractive green landscapes, a Jacksonville sod installation companies are a helping mate to have. Not just fulfilling your dream garden but also giving you an expert touch on keeping it healthy and well-maintain turf. But if you are a fan of keeping your hands dirty for your newfound hobby, here is what you need to know about when to do it.

Since this state is considered a tropical place, we do not have to worry about any shortage of our plant's source of sunlight and humidity or watching them die because of freezing temperatures. That means we can lay a new set of sod any time of the year as long as enough warmth is outside. Isn't it great? But sod installers would usually suggest planting it in spring or before summer to have enough time for the roots to grow and establish a firm grip in the soil.

So, when is the time to avoid laying new sod? That is a common question that we all want to know. It is not good to install sod during summer because the extreme heat can dry up all the nutrients inside the sod, and it will eventually die. So, how about fall? Laying sod during fall can be OK. But do not expect to have a healthy sod because this time of the year has it down to surprisingly low temperatures. That means the roots can not establish OK because of the cold weather and may cause some damage to it. The same goes for the winter season.

But to always make sure that you are doing it right, Jacksonville Sod Masters is the one to call to perfectly install the sod on your lawn. We cut it fresh and deliver it for installation. In that way, you can ensure that there is no damage and not dried out, which can be a reason not to have it the way we expect it. And our sod experts have the skills and resources to make it successfully.